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Asphalt Companies – Questions to Ask Before Hiring Them

The selection of an asphalt company to complete a paving project can make the difference between getting your driveway paved and having to replace it later. With so many different contractors out there that offer these services, it can be difficult to decide which one will do the job right the first time. When you have a paving job scheduled, you want it to be done the first time correctly so that no extra costs are added later on. Here are a few things that you should look for in the paving contractor that you hire.

asphalt companies

Find out how long the paving company has been in business. Sometimes when a paving project is planned, it needs to be done quickly because another building is being built next door or a new parking lot is being built across the street. When this is the case, you need to find an asphalt contractor who has experience in completing larger jobs such as this one. There is nothing worse than having to schedule a paving project, only to find out that it is nearly impossible. Make sure that you ask how long the contractor has been working on paving projects of this size before you commit to hiring them for your project.

Take a close look at the recommendations that are listed under the name of the paving company. Are they ones that other people have had success with? There is a good chance that you have heard of some of the recommendations already, but you never really know until you start talking to the asphalt company. Get some referrals from local residents if possible. Then make a list of all of the things that you are interested in having your paving project done.

Are you looking for asphalt that is flexible? Sometimes it can be difficult to have large areas of asphalt that require extra preparation before installation. For example, if you are paving a driveway that needs to be curved, you may find that using regular asphalt won’t work properly. Some asphalt companies have special curved asphalt that is designed specifically for this purpose. If you need extra help with the planning of your paving project, be sure to ask an asphalt company for their recommendations.

Another thing that you will want to consider is the amount of time that it will take for the asphalt company to install your project. Asphalt Companies in Miami offer a speedy installation service and may even offer their workers a one-day turnaround time on most installations. However, many homeowners prefer to do their own installations, so make sure that the asphalt company that you choose is very familiar with doing asphalt installations on large jobs.

Once you narrow down the companies that you think might be right for your paving project, ask for a free estimate. This way, you can get an idea of how much work and cost you will be facing. Be sure to ask about the types of materials that you can expect them to use. Will they use asphalt pavers or stones? Will there be a lot of clean-up involved after they are finished? Will you have to pay for any excavation work as well?

Of course, the most important question that you will have to ask your chosen asphalt company is, “How much will it cost to have them complete this job?” The cost depends on a variety of factors, including the size of your job and the materials that you choose. Sometimes, smaller jobs can be completed for less than half the cost of larger projects. For larger jobs, it can cost from one to three times more to hire an asphalt company to complete the job. It’s important to talk with an asphalt company about your budget and to get a price quote before you agree to have work done.

Once you’ve asked all of these questions and you’ve decided which asphalt company you want to have to perform your work, it’s time to contact them. Make sure that you are on the same page as your chosen asphalt company when it comes to the time frame and costs. When you find a contractor that you are comfortable with, you can schedule a time to have them remove their equipment and begin working. You can often view pre-fabricated asphalt samples right next to your site so you can see what your new asphalt will look like. Once your asphalt has been installed, there should be no maintenance or repair needed on your part.