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How To Keep Concrete Driveways Longer And More Durable

If you are thinking of having new driveways installed in your home or office complex, think again. Driveways are not something that you should install by yourself without proper and sufficient knowledge on how they work. This is because you have to know all about the different types of concrete that are used for this purpose. You have to know the various methods of mixing this concrete, how it should be structured, what additives should be used to improve its quality, etc.

Concrete driveways

Most importantly, you should know how to repair and maintain concrete driveways. These driveways may be expensive, but you would be surprised to know that they last almost a lifetime. If you maintain them well, they can last up to 30 years without major repairs. However, certain factors affect how long your driveway lasts, such as the weather conditions it is subjected to, the quality of its construction, and even the regular maintenance measures that you take – like oiling or cleaning the surface, among others. If you take good care of it, you would be surprised to find out that it could last up to three decades without major repairs. This makes these driveways one of the most useful options that you have.

In case you have concrete driveways at your home or office complex, you would be surprised to know that apart from the normal maintenance you perform on them every week, there are some things you can do to preserve their looks for a longer period of time. Some of these things include sealing them with an exterior sealant that does not permit water penetration and staining. Another option is to treat them with a polyurethane coating that seals the pores and strengthens the material.

Unfortunately, not all concrete driveways are created equal. Some cracks and chips can actually lead to more serious structural problems, especially if they are located in places where moisture is a problem. To prevent these repairs from becoming more expensive and inconvenient, it is important that homeowners perform proper maintenance on them at least once every year. When this is done, homeowners will be able to prevent them from worsening, especially if they are located in areas where there is frequent rain or snowfall.

One way to keep your driveway looking good all year round is to repair any cracks or chips immediately upon discovery. Sealants are great for repairing small cracks or chips, but this kind of maintenance is not necessary for bigger cracks or bigger chips because they cannot be fixed. For proper drainage, it would be better if homeowners build a trench around their driveway to channel away excess groundwater and moisture and prevent the accumulation of dirt. This is also the perfect time to replace any cracked or chipped concrete slabs.

In terms of aesthetic appeal, stamped concrete and colored concrete driveways offer a number of options. For example, stained or colored concrete driveways are great for both residential and commercial applications. Aesthetically pleasing tints, colors, and designs can accentuate commercial and residential properties, making them more attractive. For example, you can use a light brown color for your commercial driveways to complement the exterior of your building. Likewise, you may use a light blue color for your residential property to reflect the soothing blues of the lake and the beach. You can even use light gray paint for your driveway to give it a classic look.

Homeowners also have the option of sealing their concrete driveways with a variety of sealants and stains. Sealing can improve the appearance of your driveway and make it more durable and resistant to water damage. Stained concrete driveways are available in a wide selection of vibrant colors to complement the exterior colors of your house. However, it is essential to note that professionals should only perform this type of maintenance to avoid damaging the surface.

Finally, concrete driveways made of asphalt can last longer than driveways composed of other types of material. They are more robust and more durable, preventing cracks from forming. However, they do require regular maintenance to prevent damage and cracks from developing. For example, you should regularly apply asphalt driveway sealant to avoid damage to the asphalt, resulting in cracks. If you notice any damage to your asphalt driveway, consult a professional and visit their website at to learn how you can correct the problem before it gets worse.